Tuesday 11 December 2012

Carmarthenshire Council on DVLA banned list

Privacy campaigners Big Brother Watch have published details of public organisations who have had their access to the DVLA database suspended or revoked for improper use. Councils can lawfully use the database to track drivers for parking tickets or track down littering offenders etc.

Carmarthenshire County Council is one of 38 organisations, according to the published information, to have had their access permanently blocked for abusing the system. The reason given is 'audit issues' which can mean a failure to monitor who, and why the database was used, failure to respond to audit inquiries from the DVLA and generally poor record keeping, all of which can lead to breaches of privacy.


Anna Mosity said...

Anybody surprised that CCC is on that list? Thought not!

Anonymous said...

They don't appear to be able to do anything properly, and they don't care anyway. That's what having nobody to answer to means...WHY HAVE WE GOT THE WELSH ASSEMBLY? Answers on a postage stamp please!