Wednesday 17 July 2013

Webcast stats - accessed 2757 times!

I have the webcast viewing stats for the three meetings so far, (I'm waiting for the 10th July archive figs)  - In total they have been accessed 2757 times. 

The June and July 'live' figures are not unexpected, especially at 10am when I imagine most people are in work. The important figures are the archive hits which are good and indicate that people prefer to view at their leisure and in easily digestible chunks.

With a total so far of 2757 viewers, or thereabouts, this is at least 2755 (minus two bloggers) more than would have seen the meetings before the webcasts.

The next full council meeting is not until September 11th as there isn't one in August because many Members will be busy with the harvest.... Many other meetings have been cancelled this month as the lengthy summer hibernation sets in.

However, I'm certain that September's meeting will be a lively affair and I trust that @CarmsCouncil will not forget, again, to remind people it's on.

The webcast archive page;


The Evening Post reports yesterday that Neath Port Talbot Council has voted against webcasting its meetings and also agreed not to change the policy that prevents photographs being taken or recordings made at meetings.

Its all a bit sad really, the same old excuses appear against public filming; fear of 'selective editing', fear of technology, fear of criticism; the bizarre reluctance to have a true record of what was said and the fear of political grandstanding (instantly recognisable, the public are not fools), and that it will "get out of control". As for the last point, nobody from Carmarthenshire council has used the webcast to burst into song, or throw a punch for that matter, not yet anyway.

"I am concerned about the possibility of people making recordings," said Councillor Annette Wingrave. "Today's technology could be used to allow editing, and selective editing of any quotes given by members could mean we have a problem.
"We would have to record all the meetings to ensure we had a valid correspondence. I do have an issue with that."
That view was shared by Councillor Alan Carter, though he also had another concern.
He said: "If meetings are recorded there are certain members who will not be able to resist playing to the gallery. It will get out of control.

I am reminded again of Trawsfynydd Community Council who, when responding to my Welsh Government petitions for filming and publishing spending details, said they'd been doing things their way since 1896 and weren't going to change now...

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Anonymous said...

Only those who have something to hide need to fear webcasting and/or citizens filming council meetings.