Sunday 29 December 2013

Madaxeman writes to Eric Pickles MP

Madaxeman, a blogger who is familiar with events in Carmarthenshire, has written an open letter to Eric Pickles MP;

Professional Auditors, Armchair Auditors, or No Bloody Auditors – Come Clean Mr. Pickles…


Anonymous said...

A happy new year to you although the future seems uncertain for you at present.Your courage and perseverence is remarkable in that you continue to report on all that is wrong in CCC.Many would have given up the ghost after your experiences this past year.
There are so many wishing you well for 2014 and,although your financial situation is grim,you certainly have the moral high
ground.I would like to think that
someone,somewhere,will be able to
deal with what has become a travesty.

Anonymous said...

I echo anon 13:15 sentiments and applaud the Madaxeman for leading where we the public, need to follow.

Anonymous said...

I echo both above. It would be nice if Mr Pickles gave some kind of response. I popped on here to show you this which is cold comfort I know.

New defamation law will make it HARDER to sue for libel by requiring proof of 'serious harm'

Read more:

Its been a tough year for you my thoughts and support rest with you as always. Chin up and take care. A