Friday 7 August 2015

Friday's Herald - The Ombudsman's report

Further to Monday's post on this blog; Ombudsman; Council maladministration - Data Protection and mental health,
It's good to see that both the Carmarthenshire and Llanelli Heralds have covered this important story;

June wasn't a particularly good month for the council with the Ombudsman summarising another adverse decision in his quarterly report. This one also involved the health board, presumably Hywel Dda.

This was a 'quick-fix' settlement which enables the offending party, or parties, to avoid the publication of a detailed report by swiftly making amends.

Although the summary is brief, clearly there was a failure to follow the correct procedure under the Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA) policy;

"Mr X complained that his mother, Mrs Y, had not been treated with dignity and respect while a patient in one of the Health Board’s hospitals, and that the way in which she was handled amounted to an assault.
He also complained about failings on the part of both the Health Board and the Council in the way in which the subsequent POVA (Protection of Vulnerable Adults) investigation was carried out.
The Health Board and the Council agreed to apologise to Mr X for the failings in his mother’s care and in the POVA investigation, and to ensure that in future full details of a complaint are shared/sought when a POVA referral is made. The Health Board also agreed to arrange training in dignity/respect for all nurses on the ward in question." 
Ombudsman Wales

Readers may recall the Delyth Jenkins case a few years ago, covered on this and Cneifiwr's blog, when the Ombudsman published two scathing reports against the council. A vulnerable adult had suffered abuse at a council run day centre and the abuse had been reported by a care worker, Delyth Jenkins. To put it in a nutshell, the council went out of their way not to investigate the abuse under POVA or anything else, and the whistleblower, Delyth, suffered years of victimisation.

The damning reports were issued in 2009, and by the look of this 'quick fix' decision by the Ombudsman just a few weeks ago, the council are still failing the POVA procedures.

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