Wednesday 30 September 2015

Council by-election - Kidwelly

Update 4th November; see later post - News in brief; by-election, barngate and library news - for a list of the candidates.


A council by-election will be held for the Kidwelly seat on Carmarthenshire County Council on the 19th November. 

The election follows the death of Labour Councillor Keith Davies last month. In 2012 the local election result saw Cllr Davies top the vote with 571, People First came second with 300 closely followed by an Independent with 238. Plaid Cymru did not contest the seat.

The current political make up of Carmarthenshire County Council is Plaid Cymru with 29 seats; the Independents with 21 and the Labour group also with 21 seats. There is one People First councillor and one unaffiliated.

This could be interesting, and may give an inkling of which direction the voters will take in the Assembly elections next May.

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