Tuesday 15 September 2015

Pulling the strings

This week's Herald features interviews with Labour group leader Jeff Edmunds and former leader, Kevin Madge. For the full details you'll have to buy a copy.

The most significant comment, as the headline suggests, is from Cllr Jeff Edmunds who claims that Labour lost power as a result of his challenges to the 'status quo'.

By 'status quo' we of course mean the cosy arrangement whereby the chief executive runs the council and calls all the shots, as opposed to the councillors.

To be honest, aside from Cllr Edmunds revelation over the Marstons' deal, I have to say that he has been keeping his 'challenges' and apparent transparency credentials well hidden from public view...

However, he says;
"I told Mark James that there would be a different direction to this council if I became leader. I told him that the policy would be directed by me and that he would be appraised bimonthly on how he would be delivering on the objectives that we would be setting. It is the councillors who should be running this council..."

For Meryl, Pam and Mark such a radical view, as well as showing something bordering on honesty, , meant that Cllr Edmunds was highly unsuitable as leadership material for the council; and, as we know, Labour were then ditched and Plaid taken into the fold.

The sad fact remains that it doesn't really matter who is 'leading' the council - it is still led by one officer and, as Cllr Edmunds confirms, even the political structure is not safe from unelected interference. Worse still, it seems that aside from one or two councillors, they have opted for an easy ride, content to let Mr James pull all their strings...

As for Kevin Madge, after 30 years in Carmarthenshire politics has he finally managed to grow a pair?


Anonymous said...

Please do not refer to "officers" when what you mean are "employees"

Anonymous said...

The problem is the councillors themselves. They have allowed this little upstart to dictate to them. What are they made of?

Most of them are retired or near retirement - needing something to fill their days - a nice little earner - don't have to do much - don't have to say much - don't have to think much. They play into his hands. He plays them. Where is their pride??

Redhead said...

Many of them would be turned down for jobs in burger bars. And why can't we call council odfficers "officers" Anon?