Saturday 22 January 2011

Cosy Chat (part 2)

With regards to the new secondary school site selection process referred to in my previous post, Cosy Chat?, a selection of email correspondence has come my way which confirms that there was no formal guidance or remit issued to the consultants from the Council when the process started. It is clear from the exchanges between various senior officers in the Education Department that when this issue was raised by campaigners last May, the officers were thrown into a panic to 'cobble' something together make one up, here's a selection just to give you the gist;
Officer A; "...the remit was a stickler again last week and Rob [Director of Education] indicated that there must be something available. Do you know of anything?..."
Director of Education;"...Was a letter issued, if not a full blown specification?....I have had an assembly member in my office this morning who raised this very question and it is evident that until we provide a clear and definitive answer the question is not going to go away. Can I ask you please to get together and draft something?"

A Shambles.

Incidentally, I also notice that it was not until the consultants had decided to take the Beechwood and the old builders merchant's sites forward as the final two options that council officers suddenly decided that, in true professional style, the Ffairfach site was, and I quote, a "goer".

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