Monday 24 January 2011

Stradey Park Development

The recent news that the Welsh Assembly has decided not to call-in the 355 home Stradey development has been met with disgust by the campaigners concerned primarily with flooding and traffic issues, and of course delight by the developers, Taylor Wimpey. I should also imagine that some local residents will also be relieved to see the end to the decaying remains of this once iconic landmark of Llanelli and world rugby. The Assembly's decision actually appears to be a result of fears of a legal challenge by the developers in the form of a Judicial Review over the call-in and so they've sent it back to the Council to approve, which will now be a formality. 
To those who are aware of the whole story, it goes back to the deals struck between the rugby club which then owned the land and Carmarthenshire County Council chiefs and the development of Parc y Scarlets stadium in Pemberton which the taxpayer continues to bail out. To get the best price for Stradey it was agreed by the Council and the Welsh Assembly that, 'unusually', there was not to be any affordable housing in this huge development. 
Anyway, the debate continues;

26th Jan;
Helen Mary Jones AM says of Assembly Minister, Jane Davidson; "I am at a loss to understand why the minister has made this decision. Back in the summer, she was very clear that any decision to build on a flood plain was a matter of more than purely local importance, and that due to the national significance of the decision, that decision should be made at a Welsh national level. She now appears to have changed her mind completely ."

The Planning department have lost no time in passing the Stradey application, it didn't go back to committee; (previous link didn't work so here's link to 'Applications decided' search page
I see from the WAG website that Taylor Wimpey threatened High Court legal action against the Welsh Assembly in the form of Pre-Action Protocol letter on the 4th January. (follow link to 'Called in applications...', it didn't take the Assembly long to cave in.

I see that the campaigners are considering launching a Judicial Review and pressure is being put on Jane Davidson to fully explain her curious u-turn.

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Lliedi said...

Actually the demolition of the stadium and neighbouring industrial buildings started last May and by November Cuddy had left the 23.5 acre site. Apart from piles of crushed rubble (to be used to raise the land by up to 8 feet to protect the new homes from the apparently non-existent flood risk), there is nothing at Stradey now.

Another CCC stitch up, once again rubber stamped by our sadly pointless Assembly.