Friday 28 January 2011

Llandeilo By-Pass on the Way?

The issue of the Llandeilo by-pass happened to crop up again last week with unacceptably high levels of air pollution reported along the main street. This notorious bottleneck, crammed with heavy lorries will only be made worse with the building of the new secondary superschool with it's extra buses and cars passing through twice a day. The by-pass has been on the cards for 40 years but progress has always stumbled over land issues, the taking of trade from the main street and of course, funding hiccups from the Welsh Assembly and the Council.
Enter, Sainsburys.
Planned for a site conveniently at one end of the proposed by-pass I would not be surprised if the financial contribution to the 'community 'is a wad of cash towards the said by-pass. The 'contribution' is called Planning gain (I can think of another word) agreed during the planning process with our ever pliant planning department...This would kill two birds with one stone; beef up Sainsburys 'green' credentials by clearing the air pollution from the main street and ensuring that, in the great tradition of Tesco et al, all roads lead directly to the store without so much as passing a corner shop. Job done!

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