Friday 7 January 2011

People First Wales Launched

Good to see Carmarthenshire's new political movement, 'People First' (Gweryn Gyntaf) being officially launched today. Organised by two Carmarthenshire Councillors, Sian Caiach and Arthur Davies. Cllr Caiach has also announced that she will be standing for the National Assembly elections in May, representing Llanelli.
The group aims to be a movement for truly independent representatives, and not a political party;

'Membership is open to all who wish to help and serve their communities outside the traditional political party system as true independents.
"Independent" can mean many things as a political label. We are truly independent and see representing the people as our primary aim.
Each issue has to examined and judged in the interests of our communities and action taken as necessary. We will help like minded activists and ordinary folk to find solutions to problems and improve our society.'

There is much more information on the website including the 'Bell Principles' upon which the code of conduct is based. These adhere to Lord Nolan's 'Seven Principles of Public Life'; selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership and being free from political pressure. Something not only some councillors but several senior officers could do with reading up on.
Today's Western Mail also has a full report -Activists to launch new force in politics
Hopefully the idea of being a true independent, willing and determined to voice residents' concerns loudly and persistently, will appeal to a growing list of possible candidates for the 2012 local elections, especially those disillusioned by the increasingly irrelevance of party politics at local council level and those unhappy with the current officer-led, undemocratic regime in Carmarthenshire.

Whatever your views, People First Wales is worth a look, the principles are sound and the messages is clear and as I have said before it could be a very welcome injection of fresh air into the junta at County Hall.

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