Friday 4 March 2011

Pantecelyn - Letter in South Wales Guardian

In response to this article about Llandovery sorting office in the South Wales Guardian, 'Anger as Last Post Sounds in Llandovery' I had to drop the paper a line expressing my disbelief over County Councillor Ivor Jackson's comments and, more particularly, the lack of them, regarding the impending closure of Pantecelyn secondary school.
He says, astonishingly, of the sorting office (but not the school of course);
"It's a crying shame we're losing a facility which has been in Llandovery for so many years,"
Anyway here it is (and I include here the last sentence which had been edited out by the paper);
'Dear Editor,
I must comment on County Councillor Ivor Jackson's concerns about the nine postal staff in Llandovery in your article 'Last Post Sounds in Llandovery'. It goes without saying that these hard working people who are up early in all weathers, doing a great service, should be supported in every way possible. What I find hard to believe is why Cllr Jackson is not equally as vocal about the hundreds of schoolchildren who soon will have to do the same 24 mile journey, some of them much further, and in all weathers when Pantecelyn School finally closes it's doors.
As he says, it's a 'crying shame' that the last 'post' will be sounding in Llandovery but no one has seen him shedding any tears, or speaking out, over the last bell ringing at Pantecelyn.

Then again, perhaps it is easier for him to snap at the Post Office than to bite the hand that feeds him, Carmarthenshire County Council.
yours sincerely'

For your information here is the costs incurred so far, funded by the Welsh Assembly, for the Dinefwr School Reforms programme. I am not sure what 'Internal Management Fees' are but I daresay it's essential spending. Other consultants' costs are self explanatory.
I am quite clearly in the wrong business.

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