Thursday, 31 March 2011

Pantecelyn School - Judicial Review

I am publishing the following press release on behalf of the Save Pantecelyn Action Group (YPAG). Preliminary enquiries have been made regarding the possibility of launching a Judicial Review against the decision of Carmarthenshire County Council to close Pantecelyn Secondary school, Llandovery. Before taking this action it is necessary to ascertain the level of support such a move would have from all the interested parties;

"A core group of YPAG members have re-grouped and made enquiries about pro-bono representation in court to pursue a judicial review. This looks very possible but before going ahead with this the YPAG members would like to give a last opportunity for those who oppose the judicial review to have their say. We understand that support has fluctuated for a number of reasons but there are still very enthusiastic supporters of this action. The edict from Carmarthen Council has been that the decision about the school should be made on the educational advantages alone. There has been some argument that local tradesmen will suffer if the new school does not go ahead. Also there seems to be some idea that Pantycelyn will become a Welsh School which we would not wish to oppose. However the survey conducted among primary school parents concerning their preferences did not support welsh only secondary education in the Llandovery area. We have also made enquiries about this possibility but these have brought forward no evidence at all that this will be the case. The argument that more subjects are necessary (which is given as the driver of this reform) is not supported by all educationalists or politicians. Many understand quality not quantity is needed. Whilst the grant will make possible the very necessary rebuilding of a school to service the Llandeilo area, we feel that this money should be available without the proviso that Pantycelyn should be closed, and will continue to lobby AM’s on this. If you have strong views against this action being taken we need to hear from you. The democratic process needs people to speak up and air their views so please contact us by via email: or telephone. You can also write to YPAG , The Drovers, Market Square, Llandovery, SA20 0AB."

There are several posts on this blog concerning this matter which can be searched for in the searchbox on the right

The final consultation document is now on the council website along with the response form here; (under heading 'useful documents')
The final day to submit you concerns is June 17th 2011. The plan is to close Pantecelyn and Tregib by summer 2012 but use the buildings for temporary arrangements for the children until the new school opens in, maybe, 2015.

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