Tuesday 29 March 2011

Police to Investigate Wales Audit Office?

 I see that the committee of AM's are now demanding a police investigation into Jeremy Colman's dealings whilst he was chief of the Wales Audit Office, particularly the circumstances surrounding the £750,000 retirement package paid to the ex-chief operating officer, Anthony Snow.  As you can imagine the current management of the WAO would rather not bother. To anyone who has followed this saga it is absolutely clear that something was very wrong;
The Committee chairman said  "It is with great regret that we have had to consider these matters and we believe they are largely due to the actions of one person who decided the high standards and expectation required for the position of auditor general did not apply to him......My committee colleagues and I believe that a question remains as to whether aspects of Mr Colman's conduct could be considered criminal and that this question will remain unanswered unless an appropriate authority reviews the evidence we've received"
AMs demand Wales Audit Office £750,000 pay-off inquiry  BBC News


Anonymous said...

I support the Committee Chairman's comment that the Auditor General did not feel the high standards and expectations required for this position did not apply to him, as I have recently stated this very same comment in a letter to CCC's Head of Planning, who similarly feels he isn't bound by his Code of Conduct, who also feels under no obligation to members of the public to conduct himself with honesty, integrity and probity, which should be a requisite for the post he holds.

caebrwyn said...

I couldn't agree more.