Tuesday 22 March 2011

School Spin and More..

I see the latest press release from Carmarthenshire Council announces that the funding for the new superschool on the flood plains of Ffairfach is now available. I do not doubt this is good news for some but as the council 'press on' with the programme, the closure of Llandovery's Pantecelyn secondary school, is, sadly, entirely presupposed. and therefore probably inevitable. Typically of this council, the little inconvenience of the official consultation, including the Community Impact Assessment (the effect on Llandovery and surrounding area) has yet to be even started. In fact the press release states that the proposals will now be shared with all the interested parties - it doesn't look like there is much choice in the matter really. I also wonder who will be doing the Impact Assessment..an independent body?

Needless to say the campaigners trying to save the school are astonished but not surprised by the council's bulldozer tactics. Underneath the spin, the school reorganisation programme is perhaps designed not to deliver better education but simply a cost-cutting exercise. You never know though, there may be another revolt as we saw over the care home closures..

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marianne said...

fantastic article once again!