Tuesday 18 January 2011

County Hall 'Pravda' Expands..

For those of us (including the local independent press) concerned about the relentless and costly march of County Hall spin across Carmarthenshire, mainly in the form of the 'Community News', it looks like it's expanding. At a recent Policy and Resources Scrutiny meeting Assistant Chief Executive (Customer Focus and Policy),
"informed the Committee that it is also proposed to develop Community News into a wider public sector publication and that discussions were currently on-going with Local Service Board partners."
Currently funded out of other council department budgets rather than the press office (to give the false impression that less is spent on PR than it actually is), it looks like the Local Service Board 'partners', which include the Hywel Dda Health Board, the police and Coleg Sirgar (FE colleges) will now be parting with a little of their decreasing budgets to fund this nonsense as well.

Still, soon we will be able to see our Executive Board members and of course, senior officers, brandishing a ceremonial shovel, donned in high-vis and hard hat, wherever we look and, after all, what would we do without our bi-monthly dose of the reassuring 'Message from Meryl'? Or, for that matter, what would I light my fire with?

Also there are further posts throughout the blog regarding the Community News etc


Lliedi said...

If CCC really want to “engage the public” then give us “CCC TV”. Not the propaganda rubbish that we get in Community News, but televised coverage of committee meetings.

For anyone who has attended a Planning Meeting and struggles to convey how undemocratic it is to family, friends and neighbours, this would do the job nicely.

To hear the inane bumblings coming from the many idiots who sit on the committee may convince people that they are wasting their vote and they might actually use it wisely next time.

To hear the panic in Eifion Bowen or John Thomas’s voice when they think that a decision is going against them, and to listen to the way they twist the facts to fit their recommendations, would surely be enough to convince the Ombudsman, WAG and maybe even the police that action needs to be taken.

Of course, it is not just on the Planning Committee where councillors and officers show themselves up, but it is probably the best (worst?) example.

caebrwyn said...

I completely agree with you and an excellent description of what it's like - It has to be seen to be believed.

I mentioned the idea of broadcasting committee meetings in this post; http://carmarthenplanning.blogspot.com/2011/01/transparency-please.html
It should be compulsory.

Anonymous said...

Well said. It comes down to democracy again. i.e. elected representatives. Who are they? Our silent councillors. I certainly won't be voting my councillor in again, he behaves like a frightened rabbit, and seems to me that fits the description of many. If the televisation of parliament is good enough for M.P's then it is most certainly appropriate for a council who the public lost faith in a long time ago.