Sunday 20 April 2014

Another coincidence?

Update; Disappointingly I've realised the 'Setting it Straight' page has not disappeared but now appears in the drop-down menu on the Media page. Thought it was too good to be true, apologies for getting your hopes up.
So the notoriety of the Kremlin on the Towy remains intact, the only slightly promising thing is that these days, it's less likely they'll sue you for saying so.


Back in January the media section of the council's website underwent a revamp, it also heralded several bizarre statements (which remain) attacking anyone who disagreed with County Hall's world view of the unlawful payments scandal.
Just to add to the flavour, the newly branded and ironically named 'Newsroom' included a rather sinister 'Setting it Straight' page.

I noticed last week that the page has now been removed.

For the record, it said;

"Occasionally we may have to correct or clarify an article that has been published which contains inaccuracies, or does not reflect the facts. We work closely with media to resolve any issues, and most of the time corrections or clarifications are made quickly. However in rare circumstances we use this page to set the record straight and provide you with the correct information."

Given the track record of Carmarthenshire Council I suggested at the time that my translation below showed the true meaning and intent;

"Sometimes the independent press, or an individual, might publish something we don't agree with or is vaguely critical of the Council. If we can't persuade them to remove or edit an article to our satisfaction through legal or financial threats, then we will highlight their subversive behaviour and endeavour to remove their credibility on our publicly funded website"

The press and media protocol is now under a much needed cross-party review, but I wonder if the removal of this page, and for that matter, last week's revealing disclosure, has anything to do with the fallout from the events of February 14th?

Purely coincidental I'm sure.

pic source; Y Byd ar Bedwar

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