Sunday 20 April 2014

Public and press can film planning appeals in Wales

Thanks to enquiries made by Mr John Butler, (@jbsandown) it look like the Planning Inspectorate Wales is happy for the press and members of the public to film, record, tweet and otherwise report from planning appeals in Wales.
This must surely set an precedent for all civic processes in Wales, including council meetings, of course.


Redhead said...

What's betting there is someone in CCC at this very moment trying to find the loopholes!

Anonymous said...

I think the get-out is in the words "if the inspector thinks that filming or recording is becoming disruptive ...... " etc. I don't suppose you, Jacqui, were being particularly disruptive when you were quietly filming with your phone but you ended up being arrested. I rest my case!

caebrwyn said...

Thank for your comments, there are provisos within the letter but the proof of the matter will be when someone starts filming/recording with their smartphone at a planning inquiry - the first rule is to be open with what you are doing and the second rule is to take a copy of this letter with you.
As for open council meetings, as long as filming/recording is done quietly, no one has the authority to tell you to stop, even if they try.

Redhead said...

I have recently observed two planning application inspections and in both the Inspectors were the most reasonable people there! They not only allowed any type of recording, they also insisted that everyone should have their say.

One meeting was held in the evening so that people at work could make their views known and the meeting did not end until everyone had their say for or against.

I didn't necessarily agree with the decisions but I could not fault the conduct of the meetings.
So refreshing!