Friday, 29 May 2015

Poem in the Herald

The letter's page in this week's Carmarthenshire Herald features a poem - I've no idea who wrote it but a Gold Star to whoever did;

Recent shenanigans in Carmarthenshire

There's a new show in town so come one and come all!
There's a puppet show playing now at County Hall,
And they're comedy gold, yes these guys are so funny,
They're giving the Muppets a run for their money!
If you choose, you can film it by using your phone,
(Unless you're a woman and standing alone,
Camera-shy puppets can raise some objection
If who's pulling their strings is subject to inspection).
These puppets prefer to maintain the illusion
That they think for themselves - 
(This can cause some confusion)...
Thus programmes must always be tightly controlled,
And puppets must only do what they are told
By The Grand Puppet Master,
(Who shall not be named,
Lest feelings be hurt and shock damages claimed),
New puppets who don't like the tone of the show
Are, as we have seen, in a Harrhy to go,
And others, who've basked in a regular slot,
Can Madgically vanish and soon be forgot,
These puppets are pros and they won't miss a chance
To make everyday matters a big song and dance...
This show gets five stars, there are no bad reviews
Since such things are 'discouraged' from making the news.
Oh quick-footed manoeuvres and dulcet-tuned lies,
The fat furry fingers in so many pies...
If G.P.M claims there's no strings, that's a farce 
And just begs the question; "Whose hand's up whose....arrangements?"
(Its time to ditch the make-up,
It's time to shine the spotlight
On our Puppet Show tonight!)


Patricia B said...

Love the poem - clever and spot on.

Pinnochio is cute - but only as a cartoon character -sadly I have had to deal with too many real life ones in CCC. Definitely not cute - shameful.

Tessa said...

What a brilliant piece of writing!