Friday 20 February 2015

Hengoed by-election result

The Carmarthenshire County Council Hengoed seat was held by Labour tonight with 335 votes. Penny Edwards was duly elected. Plaid came second, and UKIP third. The Conservative candidate came last with 54 votes.
The turnout was 35%.

Labour - 335
Plaid Cymru - 313
UKIP - 152
People First - 80
Independent - 76
Conservative - 54

Plaid Cymru took the seat on Llanelli Rural Council from Labour with 351 votes. Labour came second with 285 votes and again, UKIP somehow managed third.

The Labour win for the County Council seat means they now have 22 councillors and their coalition partners, the Independent Group remain the same with 21. Plaid remain the same of course with 29 seats.
I imagine the Meryl, Mark and Madge unholy alliance will be quite happy with the result.

Probably the most worrying result of the night was the Kipper coming third in both the County and Rural votes. A result that I imagine will be noted by the main parties as we head towards May 7th.


Anonymous said...

Bad result for plaid. If they want to win the General Election they have to win wards like hengoed hands down.

Anonymous said...

Sympathy vote element on the County Council result. Very good result for Plaid though in gaining rural seat from Labour. UKIP taking Labour votes?

Welsh not British said...

Hopefully Martin wont be put off standing again.

Also, so many people voting for the UK Idiot's Party can only be a good sign for May as they will take votes off the Red Tory Nia.