Wednesday 23 November 2011

Carmarthenshire Council in Private Eye's Rotten Boroughs

Yet again Carmarthenshire Council make it into Private Eye's Rotten Borough's column, this time it's the links with the Towy Community Church.
For more on this 'partnership' between the Council and the church please search this blog, (including 'Do we want this in Carmarthen? )   and, of course, Y Cneifiwr's.


Anonymous said...

My goodness! Carmarthen's senior officers and it's leaders are becoming infamous nationwide. Whatever next? If they thought they were tucked safely away in a little corner of Wales, doing things quietly, their own sweet, well, not so sweet way, they were quite clearly, badly mistaken. The world is a very small place in 2011.

Photon said...

Makes you wonder just at what point Carms. will actually be shamed into changing their ways. It's the only council that makes Anglesey look excellent by comparison.

Jeremy Clulow said...

A relative of mine who worked for the Audit Commission for many years scrutinising local authorities noticed a pattern developing which she summarised as. "The further west you go, they worse they get". So I guess Carmarthenshire is the second worst between Fishguard and London, with good old Pembs topping the hall of shame! Aren't we the luck ones.