Sunday 27 November 2011

Thought for the Day

Appropriately, for a Sunday, Y Cneifiwr has written a fascinating piece concerning the influence, and methods of influence, by evangelical organisations such as the Towy Community Church in the upper levels of local government.

Y Cneifiwr - Friends in high places


Nospin said...

Do you think the council actually knows what / who they are dealing with or have they been conned.

Alternatively they might just be trying to be seen as cool as opposed to smart ar*es, what you think.

Photon said...

I wonder what the ministry's stance is on gay pride marches? One of ours up here has been quite active in objecting to such (as they would have it) anti-bible, anti-God, anti their own sense of moral superiority things.

Maybe councillors should try reading the papers put in front of them from time to time?