Monday 7 November 2011

Even #dafter arrests in Wisconsin, USA

Online article from Political Scrapbook (@psbook) about camera/gun nonsense in the USA;

See full article for all the links and a video; Wisconsin bans concealed cameras (but concealed guns allowed)

"Eighteen people have been arrested for using cameras in the Wisconsin Assembly, while on the same day the state legislature enacted a law allowing Wisconsin residents to carry, erm, concealed weapons in the same building.
The “Concealed Camera Day at the Capitol” was organised through Facebook as a protest against the dual menaces of a ban on taking pictures in the assembly gallery and the changes to statewide gun law.
In the bewildering kerfuffle that ensued, the organiser of the protest, Matthew Rotschild, was fined $263.50 and arrested alongside seventeen other protesters for refusing to stop taking photos and being guilty of “prohibited” conduct in the state building.
The arrests recall an incident in the UK in which blogger Jacqui Thompson was arrested for filming a meeting of Carmarthenshire Council.
It seems that in Wisconsin, as in South West Wales, speech is free as long as the lens is covered up."

Source; Political Scrapbook
Previous article by @psbook from July ; Council at centre of filming row locks doors to public meeting 


Anonymous said...

As America's antics always find their way to good old Blighty, it won't be long before the same happens here. After all, when the powers that be dont like to be seen to be doing wrong; the easiest way to silence your critics is to shoot them. I hear on the news today that there is a suggestion afoot to arm the police with plastic bullets for student demos. Democracy or dictatorship?

Anonymous said...

LOL! You have to go as far as Wisconsin, USA to find a bunch nuttier than our own council!