Thursday, 11 October 2012

Evangelical bowling alley a 'Mecca' says Kev

I am not going to repeat all I have said about the Council's  involvement (and £1.5m) in the Towy Community Church Excel project, you may remember BBC Wales Dragon's Eye programme earlier this year . According to a very enthusiastic council press release today, it looks like things are progressing down at the old creamery site.

Despite the rather religiously muddled use of the word 'Mecca', the council Leader enthuses that it is a "magnificent project...something the whole county will be proud of....I am very proud of the council’s partnership working with Towy Community Church to deliver such a valuable and multi-functional project." Clearly the links to the Mercy Ministries for 'fallen women', the construction of a church and er, 'therapy rooms', and a debt counselling service which uses the 'power of prayer' tick all the right boxes for Carmarthenshire Council.

Meanwhile, my request for correspondence between the Church and the Council which was refused as it would cost too much to look for it all, now languishes with the Information Commissioner.


Anonymous said...

The easiest thing in the world to do is to criticise all of the time. It's more challenging to be positive and give encouragement for the good that is being done or perish the thought come up with workable and acheivable alternatives

caebrwyn said...

Thank you for your comment. I only criticise when I am of the opinion it is deserved.

Anonymous said...

It's a horror that there's been cuts to the Citizens Advice Bureau to help make this possible. Urgh