Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Private Eye again - Carmarthenshire council and the evangelicals

Private Eye 31st October 2012

Yet another deserved appearance of our council in the Rotten Borough section of Private Eye....seventh time this year? I've lost count.
As I mentioned, the council and the church also featured in the Western Mail last week.

(N B The article should of course read Mercy Ministries, not Mercy Missions)


On an unrelated note I see there's a packed agenda for next Monday's Executive Board meeting, it doesn't include the report recommending the filming of meetings though, nor therefore the amendment to allow the public to film. I does include an exempt report though which considers that most secretive of subjects, and also possibly a matter of national security, the transfer of public toilets to community councils......


Have just heard that the Ombudsman will be investigating the Leader of Carmarthenshire Council, Kevin Madge for breaches of the Code of Conduct over the Sainsbury's press release. (via Plaid Cymru press officer, @cjharris85)
Previous posts relating to the complaint include 'Sainsbury's row heats up', and for the Chief Executive's opinion on the matter see Chief Executive enters the Sainsbury's fray'.


Anonymous said...

Oh honestly, how they don't get 'it', how many times have they featured in 'Rotten Boroughs' now?

Have they no idea being featured there is an acknowledgement of inept behaviour?

Was hoping the Burry Port estuary thing might get on the agenda.

Honestly makes me want to move to Cardigan

caebrwyn said...

The Private Eye article should read Mercy Ministries not Mercy Missions

Anonymous said...

Will the ombudsman call for information relating to the genesis of the press release. Who originally requested it - release of records of discussions leading up to its release and draft copies.

If there is no paper/email trail leading to its formulation that in itself would be suspicious.

caebrwyn said...

anon 8.08
I'm sure that's exactly what the ombudsman will be looking at, if the trail is still there..