Wednesday 25 March 2015

Jumping the gun - Library for sale?

In it's hurry to sell off any council owned building which isn't tied down, the council have got a bit muddled over the wording of a consultation to move Llandeilo Public Library, which has occupied it's own purpose-built building in Crescent Road Car Park since 1980.
'Views are being sought' from local residents about moving it into the council offices at the other end of the car park.

Unfortunately the first part of the consultation blurb describes it as a 'development opportunity' and appears to be addressing future purchasers and developers, suggesting, god forbid, that the decision has already been made;

The reality is that £250,000 of cuts to the library service have been approved for the next three years, and £40,000 has been paid to a consultant to consider the outsourcing of the whole leisure department into a 'trust' anyway. So if it does move into the council offices, make the most of it, it's unlikely to be there long.

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