Friday 27 March 2015

Noxious fumes

A few years back, after lengthy monitoring, Llandeilo's main street became a 'Air Quality Management Area' after breaching safe levels of NO2 emissions. The purpose of the official designation is that this should then influence council policy such as Highways, Transport and Planning.

Quite how this was 'considered' when the decision was made to close Pantycelyn School in Llandovery and bus four hundred children, twice a day, through the middle of Llandeilo to get to the new school site is anyone's guess.

Anyway, it now appears that Llandeilo is not alone in breaching pollution levels and has been joined by the centres of Carmarthen and Llanelli who are about to have AQMA status themselves. Presumably this has been factored into the 1200 home (and 2000 car?) 'West Carmarthen' development...not.

It will come as no surprise that County Hall is included in the Carmarthen 'AQMA' as it has been emitting it's very own pungent brand of toxic gas for some time...

County Hall, Jail Hill.

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