Friday 6 March 2015

The Carmarthenshire Herald - First Edition - updated

Pic source; Carmarthenshire Herald

Today's first edition of the Carmarthenshire Herald leads with the allegations of historic child abuse at Rhydygors Special School and Cartref-y-Gelli Children's home, as reported in the media this week.

In what can only be described as a refreshing change, The Carmarthenshire Herald (the Llanelli Herald was also launched today) has given the story the prominence, and in particular the headline, it deserves.
A very promising start.

Update 14.23
After having now bought a copy there is little more to add to the headline story.

The Herald was contacted by a former pupil of Rhydygors who said that not only was such abuse rife 30 years ago but it was a well known fact that it was happening.
Sadly this is a story we hear all too often these days.

The Herald asked the council what contact it has had with the police over both the 2000 and this latest investigation and whether it had ever had similar allegations or complaints made to it, outside of these police investigations.

No allegations have been made with regards to Carmarthenshire Council's handling of its role in the investigations but given the example of Clwyd County Council's refusal to publish a 1996 report into north Wales child abuse, apparently on the advice of their insurers, prompted the Herald to ask Carmarthenshire whether its own insurers had provided any advice with regards to both the 2000 and the ongoing investigations.

So far the council have only confirmed that they are working closely with the police to investigate the matter and "As this is a legal matter, it is not possible to give any further information at the moment".

The council also declined to comment on the 1998 Social Service Inspectorate report concerning Cartref-y-Gelli Children's home. (Again please see earlier post for links)

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Anonymous said...

I have just read the paper and it certainly asks questions that the Journal never would.

There is also reports on the budget row and the Ciuncils use of reserves.

A very good start for the Herald and I am pretty sure that the council press office will be having to earn their corn in the future.

Blodwen said...

I've just bought and read the Herald and am so pleased to see that they do not mince words when referring to the goings-on in council meetings, especially when alluding to the fact that proceedings are run in accordance with the CEO's diktat. Not comfortable reading for the powers-that-be in county hall. Great! Take note Carmarthen Journal - if you'd had the courage of your convictions, you too could still have been proper journalists and perhaps your circulation figures wouldn't have dropped so drastically if you hadn't decided to be a propaganda apologist for the council.

Anonymous said...

Until Carmerthenshire Social Services is made to be both regulated and accountable (as entire governance of the county desperately needs so to be) then children in the county will NOT BE SAFE.

Anonymous said...

A good start for The Carmarthenshire Herald. Will the Council withdraw advertising as with The South Wales Guardian? Cardiff Bay should impose more control over County Hall. Special measures me thinks!
ps. News today. Israel Parliament bans free newspapers. Because they are critical of Government policy?

Teifion said...

Any organisation that refuses to investigate child abuse or ANY serious crime including corruption reported to it and does nothing If the crime is proven then the senior officials should also be charged with the crime.
It's been well reported in the media a whistle blower reporting child abuse in Pembrokeshire was sacked - took TEN YEARS for the Police to investigate, that is shameful as is the fact no PCC ppl have been investigated